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Parent Education & Support

Parent Education and Support

Do you often feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the demands of parenting a child with special needs?
Do you feel like you are on your own in finding behavioral support for your child?

Dr. Bieberich is passionate about partnering with families who have children (of all ages) with special needs to help them build a village of support, encouragement, and hope for a brighter tomorrow!

Dr. Bieberich Can Help You:

  • Discover the best autism-related resources to meet your child’s needs
  • Prioritize treatment goals
  • Learn more about your child’s ASD diagnosis.
  • Receive guidance on strategies for improved social processing, expression, and communication
  • Problem-solve around challenging behaviors and barriers to communication
  • Support healthy habits and routines to promote increased independence for your child.
  • Plan ahead for upcoming transitions
  • Develop strategies to promote executive functioning skills
  • Practice important self-care strategies

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