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Consultation & Training Sessions

Consultation and Training Sessions

As a psychologist who has worked extensively with people of all ages, Dr. Bieberich has honed in on two important parts of the life span to provide education and consultation – early childhood and employment.

She is passionate about helping employers to experience the tremendous value that people with autism can bring to an organization. Let her meet with your staff to provide insight into employment and retention of people with autism.

In addition to employment support, Dr. Bieberich has provided seminars to early childhood providers, as these are our frontline people who are educated in recognizing developmental challenges that may warrant further investigation. Dr. Bieberich’s seminars will assist your staff in building confidence related to this and determining how to share this insight with parents to promote early intervention, an effective predictor of future success.

Consultation Feedback:

"We are beyond grateful to Dr. Andrea Bieberich for sharing her knowledge of autism and other developmental disorders with our teachers as part of their professional development training. She is a fount of knowledge and communicates in a down-to-earth way. She possesses both the clinical knowledge and interpersonal sensitivity that I look for in any care provider."
- Stephanie H.

"Thank you! Most informative workshop I've ever attended on the topic of autism, sensory, and motor development in preschool children."
- Robin H.

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